Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Start a Professional Mixing & Music Career

For those interested in further their music mixing career, Audio School Online is a good resource for learning vocal mixing basics.

The music industry is one of the most competitive fields and lucrative industries. This is why the industry attracts thousands of people each year. Many of these individuals have goals of becoming a professional mixologist for a major record label or recording studio. Due to the competitiveness of the industry, it is very important that music mixing professionals today be fully educated and trained in the latest music techniques and mixing technology.

One of the places these individuals go for training is Audio School Online. This online school has proven to be a great resource for music and mixing education and training. In terms of mixing related courses, the school offers a variety of online classes. In order to make learning easier, these classes are categorized by instrument, genre and skill level. This is done in order to allow each student the ability to learn at their own pace.

Some of the things taught in these classes include learning about various mixing plugins, pan adjustments, and also about various levels of music compressions. Other mixing and vocal related topics include vocal comping, snare intensive and tape editing. The other great thing about these courses is that they are all currently available for under thirty dollars. These prices work for very well for entry level musicians, because most start out living on very tight budgets. For those who are even on tighter budgets, the school offers a few free courses as well.

In terms of music genres, the Audio School Online offers a wide range of hip hop, pop, and rock related courses. For the hip hop courses, some of the class topics include how to mix hip hop instrumentals, EQ basics, hip hop mix session, and kick drum compression. In regards to the rock and pop related courses, some of these class topics include live drums, pro vocal recording, pro tools session setup & organization, and also basic mixing, editing & clean up. In order to provide training for a wide variety of people, these courses are offered at an intern, freshmen, junior, sophomore and senior level.

Once a student has completed all the above courses in vocal mixing basics, they will be qualified to apply for professional mixing and music positions at major recording labels like Motown, Atlantic, La Face and Def Jam.

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