Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Understanding the Basics of Audio Compression

If you are new to audio mixing and want to gain more knowledge about the various techniques used in audio mixing, the online audio mixing school audioschoolonline.com provide the right kind of audio lessons required for a person new to audio mixing. The lessons available in this online school have been reviewed thoroughly by Ken Lewis, an experienced sound mixer who has worked with many Grammy award winners. Some of the lessons that are available as downloads for registered users include audio compression lessons, vocal-comping lessons, and basic mixing and editing lessons.

The audio compression lessons covers the compression techniques used on a wide variety of drums including snare drums. The lesson takes the student through a wide range of sounds and settings. The lesson comes along with a pro tools session that can be easily understood by a sophomore as well an experienced musician. There is also the live drums basic mixing and editing lessons that would be a perfect opportunity for a beginner to go through the different editing techniques.

There are also lessons related to kick drum compression, where in the learner would be taken through the different techniques used in compressing and equalizing kick drums. As part of these audio compression lessons, the learner would also be exposed to the different bass Enhancers such as the BX boom and similar tools. As part of the kick drum compression lessons, the learner will be exposed to a number of plugins, as Ken Lewis has tried out a number of unique combinations for sound mixing by using a variety of plug ins.

For beginners and those at the junior level, there are also lessons on filters. These lessons would give an understanding of the different filtering techniques that can be used while mixing sound using logic and pro tools. Ken Lewis has designed lessons wherein the filtering techniques are combined with audio compression techniques for backing vocals, drum and bass. In addition to the live audio compression techniques, Ken Lewis has designed lessons for other instrumentals such as the electric guitar recording techniques. There are also lessons on the concept of delay effects, wherein the student would be exposed to the function of delay plug in.

The online school also has a dedicated blog section, where in the registered users can access material related to audio compression basics. This material makes the learner understand the lay out of the compression process and the different channels that are involved in compression.

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